The Problem

The Problem

Toxicity, Nutritionally Deficient, Overweight and Stress


write something about being toxic

Low Nutrition

We need more nutrients


We carry too much weight


We have too much stress

First 11 Days

First 11 Days

Watch 2 minutes to see what 11 days can do for you on a cellular level!

  1. A Community of Transformations

    Jesse did this in 9 months!

    Bethany did this in 16 weeks!

  2. CSS Animations

    We are using 12 different animations for showing and hiding the items of a slide. The animations are defined by randomly adding data-attributes called data-effect-in and data-effect-out for every slide.

  3. Tilted Items

    The perspective view is achieved by adding a perspective value to the slide list item and tilting a division that contains the two screenshots.

  4. Column or Row

    The items in the tilted container are either laid out in a column or in a row. For some directions we need to adjust the animation delays for the items, since we don’t want the items to overlap each other when they move in or out.

  5. Responsiveness

    For smaller screens, the items on the right hand side will become less opaque and serve as decoration only. The focus will be on the description which will occupy all the width.

  6. Navigation

    For the “line” navigation we use a little trick to make the clickable area a bit bigger: we add a thick white border to the top and bottom of the span. Since the border is part of the element, it will be part of the clickable zone.

The Solution

The Solution

Now that you understand the problem, you can have the solution.

Jill Birth’s weight loss testimonial, where she lost over 130 pounds with this protocol and has kept it off for over four years now.

A protocol for elite athletes, from Miss Bikini Universe to NBA, NFL, Olympics and more.



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The Team

The Team

Join us in making the world healthy!

Tim Welsh

Jack of all trades

Michele Castle

Transformation Coach, Entrepreneur